They’re really great everything from start to finish

Hi my name is David and I’m from South Australia. I can’t dance with a mouthful of dentals as a disaster. I just needed some urgent treatment doing and now I’m leaving with a mouth full of beautiful implants and crowns and a big smile.

So why did I come to Dentzz. Well it’s all a question of economics really! Back home in Australia, for me the cost of treatment was prohibitive.I just couldn’t afford it, just as simple as that. So, I hopped on the internet and did a bit of research and eventually found Dentzz just as you did. Actually, I contacted them, got a quote. They answered all my questions and I was happy so I decided- okay let’s go for it! Ironically ,a good friends of ours back in Canberra had also been to Dentzz previously, so a quick phone call to them put my mind at rest. They highly recommend it and they had a good experience here in Mumbai so that was the clincher for me.

When I arrived at Mumbai Airport, it was great that Dentzz had organized my transfer to the hotel. Also, the next morning,they sent somebody around to pick me up and take me to the clinic.So oh no, there was no chance of getting lost really or actually running away from the doctors at Dentzz. The doctors here are very professional, caring and dedicated. They’re highly trained. They’ve got all the knowledge they need. Their top priority really is I guess- patient welfare and they will go out of their way as they did for me to make sure that your treatment is a stress-free as possible. They’re really great everything from start to finish.There was no pain involved.They just made sure that with their knowledge and high-tech equipment,the procedure was as comfortable as possible for me.

In fact, the whole team and Dentzz are really friendly and helpful and the coffee is good too, so well I highly recommend that if you’re in the same situation as I was, then jump online, send a message to Dentzz. They will get back to you straight away. They will answer all your questions and then all you need to do is hop on the internet and book your flight.So do that today! Don’t waste time.Don’t procrastinate. You won’t regret it. I can assure you that your decision, should you come here,will not come back and bite you in the bum- now that’s a dad joke by the way.So I want to publicly thank everybody at Dentzz for what they’ve done for me.

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