Big thanks to an extremely talented and professional team

My name is shotsie woods.Im from from Auckland New Zealand.I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to an extremely talented and professional team of young surgeons technicians and doctors here at Dentzz India.

I came here approximately ten days ago with expectations of no guarantees.I’ve undergone extractions, implants, bone reconstruction,stitches,bone shaping and ultimately a bridge which is temporary. During the whole process, I used to watch these testimonials and hear people say it can’t be painless but believe me the treatment is 100% painless.

Every care is taken to understand what the patient is going through. While there are injections for swelling, for pain relief tablets on demand,every possible care has been taken of me.If anybody is considering taking this opportunity to follow my footsteps and you think you can’t afford it ,believe me you can not afford not to. I’m a believer after seeing what people have said about Dentzz. I am just enclosing that I would like to recommend Dentzz , the staff. I’ll pay my bill but indeed ill be thankful to Dentzz for the rest of my life.

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