I have no regrets of getting my dental work done at Dentzz

Hi my name is Rhon and this is my wife Baie. We’re from Perth in Western Australia. We have been asked to just let people know what we think of dentzz as far as their procedures go and what work we have had done.

We decided that we would come over to Mumbai and visit dentzz and see what we thought of their clinic and their procedures and both of us are absolutely wrapped in what work we had got done. My wife has had over 19 porcelain put and I’ve had over six porcelain put in my mouth and we’re in hospitality and it’s just made such a difference to our life.I can tell you now that I would recommend dentzz to anybody. The service we’ve had from the day we arrived until the day we finished has been outstanding.The doctor has done an amazing job. Their attention to detail is unbelievable.

The attention and the care they have taken is better than we’ve ever experienced at any dentists clinic. We’ve tried everywhere and we’ve tried to peel them.We have been to Bali,we have been to Indonesia and everywhere else and this has definitely been the best experience we could ask for. I suppose you could say, it has renewed our hope in dentists definitely, and the work that they’ve done has been just so superb and so caring and they have made sure that we have been looked after 100% in every way.

So from us, we can tell you now that we’re very satisfied customers not only in the procedures but in the pricing as well and we would thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering doing there any dental work. Consider dentzz. We did and we would not regret it in any way whatsoever. Thanks for your time.

Our Happy Clients