I enjoy sharing my new smile with people after my treatment at Dentzz

Hi I’m West hater. I live in Boston in the United States. I got here because it was a Saturday afternoon- my time and here in Mumbai it was 9:30 at night and I left a message to inquire about Dentzz.

Within 10 minutes, Rutuja, the customer service person was on the phone to me and from there we had an extended conversation by email in which she gave me not only the qualifications and descriptions of the facilities and descriptions of how carefully Dentzz manages its quality and its pricing but also was very helpful on all the questions I had on coming here and having extensive dental surgery done.

My first step here was to have a full clinical evaluation out of which thanks to Dr. Ash,I really learned what was wanted and needed for overall teeth health.And, I had surgery that afternoon and then had prosthetics done so that I have a great smile that I enjoy sharing with people and can’t recommend Dentzz highly enough.Thank you.

Our Happy Clients