I have got my teeth and confidence back

My name is Caroline. I’m from Adelaide Australia and I came to Dentzz because I had three teeth missing at the front.I had some surgery done because they found out that I had a cyst in my jaw bone which back home they didn’t pick up so I’m so pleased that they actually did pick that up because I’m myself feeling really really well now and on top of that I had done a couple of implants put in. I’ve had some crown work done and now I’ve had a bridge put in from the left to the right which is absolutely awesome because I couldn’t eat with it.

I was very self-conscious and lacked a lot of confidence but now im very happy with the surgery itself. They took the cyst out and they also did a bone graft in there because the bone density had diminished because of the infection so after that was done, it was painless which is absolutely awesome because back home you always got some sort of pain and a lot of discomfort but basically I just had discomfort because the medication is so so good here.

Also ,the staff from the consultations over like via email and through the Facebook page right through to reception to doctors to specialists,I cannot explain how wonderful they are here. I felt like I was a person and not just a number basically,which to me is very important and especially coming so far to get treatment done.So, I would highly recommend Dentzz. Do your homework, have a look at all the testimonials that you can see.Definitely, I am really pleased that I came here. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I’m so glad that I am actually going back home now with a beautiful smile and I have my health and I’ve got all my confidence back.So a big THANK YOU to Dentzz in Mumbai.

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