Excellent Care, Professional Service!

Hi my name is Gisli I'm from WashingtonState in the USA. I'm actually from South Africa. Being in the US since 2016, came to Dentzz clinic to have my teeth done here in Mumbai. Amazing place! You cannot go wrong! My biggest fear was that they would not really be competent, that I would not have the assistance that I would require and I can tell you, these dentists go so far way and above beyond.

I have heard nothing but excellent care, professional, wonderful people that truly have a heart for their patients. Believe me, they work even on a Saturday and they work till half-past eleven to finish off patients. They go the extra mile all the way! Guys, the day that you land at the airport, you have somebody pick you up, take you to the hotel the first morning. You have someone from the clinic come to fetch you. They physically walk you to the dental office.

They see to every need. I had extensive work done and getting all on I was planning all on six I got eight implants at the bottom, seven at the top, was extensive work, a lot of work and believe me guys I have never experienced anything like this. They are amazing! If you need root canals, if you want implants, if you want any dental work done, do not listen to the dentist that warned you against this and tell you not to come.Please ask them for my details. I've been more than willing to speak to you in person in the USA. Do come to Dentzz it's the place to go when you want your teeth done.

Thank you.

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