My teeth look quite nice to make me smile

Hi my name is Allan Weldegrave and I’m from Australia. I’d like to tell you about my experience at Dentzz dental clinic here in Mumbai. My teeth look quite nice to make me smile.I’d just like to say that for having these teeth I’ve looked at it as a long-term investment, not only financially but also for my health in the future and I feel that It’s going to improve my teeth health. At the moment, I feel good about the job done on the teeth.It has been absolutely wonderful and I can’t say enough about these people. Here at dentzz , the dentists, the doctors and the specialists have done a wonderful job. Each and every one of the staff here have been extremely friendly and very helpful. I Can’t say enough, because where we come from, there are not that many people wandering around and it is different here in Mumbai. But they made that transition extremely comfortable that’s what I can say on that. I like to smile with my new teeth, so I guess that’s what I want to say about this experience with Dentzz in Mumbai. Thank you.

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