I feel great after my treatment at Dentzz

My name is Rob. I’m from New Zealand. I’ve been having lots of problems with my teeth and I really needed a solution. Back home, it was just going to cost far too much. I just couldn’t afford to get dental treatment here in New Zealand. I looked online at various Places like Philippines, Singapore and decided on India.I looked at several places over here in India.I’ve done a lot of research and the best place I could find was dentzz.

They have been totally amazing.Dr. DJ is fantastic. All the staff are fantastic. I’ve got a great smile now. I couldn’t be any happier. A lot of friends back home said you’re crazy going to india to get them to work well.They are the crazy ones for not coming to India to get dental work done that is so affordable, probably 90% less than what you’d pay in New Zealand and they do fantastic work .

I can’t really say much other than fantastic. Everyone should get their dental work done here.If you’re not coming to India to dentzz to get your teeth done then you’re the crazy ones. I never used to smile before. I feel great,and feel like a different person. It has basically changed my life and I’ve only had these teeth in a day or two and it’s just fantastic. Dr. DJ and all the other staff are just fantastic. If you come to dentzz Mumbai India,you won’t be disappointed.

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