I am very happy with the work done on my teeth

Hello my name is Jamy. I’m from Cannes in Far North Queensland. I found out about Dentzz online by accident. I have had issues with my teeth for a very long time and it was affecting me quite badly.

Right from my first contact with dentzz by email, they made the process very easy.

Their expertise for just forever going out of their way to help you fill up anything that you’re after whether it had anything to do with your dental work or whether it had to do with what you were going to do while you were spending your time here in India.The Magnificent thing is that it completely changed my viewpoint on this country as well and I just could not think that I could have had a better time.

At the end of it all, I am completely happy with the work that they’ve done. I couldn’t have imagined it to be or to come out as good and as happy with it as what I am now. A very professional but very fun and a very unified team. I will recommend it to all my friends back at home, anyone that I speak dentistry with, this would definitely be the place I say they should come to for sure!

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