A happy patient from Canada speaking about her experience with Dentzz Dental

Hi, I'm from Ontario, Canada. I found Dentzz Dental online and when I came across their testimonials, it seemed like their team knew what they were doing and I decided to take a look into it.

I came to the clinic thinking that I just needed veneers but I found out through their scans that I needed much more extensive work because I've had a lot of degradation in my bone and that was shocking.I didn't know what was happening but once they explained everything to me, I started to settle and was okay.

The technology is just the best. I actually felt like I was like 15 years ahead of time not just in the technology they used but also their teamwork was simply unbelievable. They really do care about what they're doing. If I was back home in Canada, I wouldn't be looked after so well as they have one dentist and then I would be crossing my fingers hoping that everything goes well.

But here, at Dentzz, I felt that the team was so careful every step of the way. They explained everything to me clearly and I felt more and more confident.The pain was minimal. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Our Happy Clients